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Removing Toxins From The Body

By Roger Grant

In order to have any meaningful discussion, it is important to know the ways that the body removes toxins. These major systems are bowels, urine production, liver, perspiration. It is important to know that these four systems remove more toxins than all other methods combined. If the body is to remove toxins efficiently, then it is important that these systems are functioning at full capacity. This means providing the systems with the resources that they need to perform their functions. It is also important to not voluntarily introduce toxins into our bodies when we get rid of them. In other words, going on a detoxification program while drinking, smoking or ingesting other known harmful substances is clearly a self-defeating activity.

Here are the ways to maximize the efficiency of the body’s natural systems for cleaning itself:

1. Stay hydrated because dehydration can lead to constipation.
2. Maintain a high fiber diet because lack of fiber can also lead to constipation.
3. Avoid meats which a loaded with nitrites or nitrates because they become nitrosamines which are carcinogenic.

Urine Production
1. Stay hydrated because water is necessary for urine production.
2. Avoid low carb diets because carbohydrates are the only fuel source for the kidneys. In addition, low carb diets produce a great deal of uric acid, which increases the workload for the kidneys.
3. Consume adequate amounts of micronutrients such as vitamin C, which helps to expel heavy metals such as lead.
4. Avoid excessive amounts of protein as well as low quality (incomplete) proteins because they both generate large amounts of uric acid. Instead eat moderate amounts of high quality protein.

1. Avoid alcohol because it increases the workload on the liver.
2. Consume high quality protein and adequate carbohydrates for the liver to maintain its tissue and replenish liver glycogen.

1. Stay hydrated because perspiration requires water
2. Exercise regularly to aid in perspiration.
3. Shower immediately after a workout to prevent the toxins from being re-absorbed into the skin.

In summary, we should drink adequate amounts of water. This is because most of the body’s means of removing toxins, involve expelling water. In addition we should consume adequate fiber, carbohydrates, high quality proteins, and micronutrients. Getting regular exercise is also very helpful. Along with eliminating toxins, it is equally important to not take them in at greater rates than we are excreting them. It is therefore important to avoid smoking, drinking, and other voluntary exposure to toxins. We should also not generate them in our bodies via starvation diets. All of these techniques point towards regular exercise, sound nutrition, and avoiding harmful substances. Not only are they extremely effective, but they should also be part of our lifestyles.

In addition to maintaining his career as a professional pilot, Roger has spent much time pursuing formal and self directed studies of the human physiology and metabolism. He is also qualified as a health nutritionist and a fitness trainer. He has written articles for www.spartafit.com

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