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Lower Back Stretches - The Central Ingredient To Relieve Pain

By Paddy Reilly

Lower back stretches are designed to help loosen and relieve muscle pain in the lower back. You can do much more than any doctor to maintain the health of your lower back, by getting into the habit of stretching on a daily basis. The pain associated with the lower back, can be greatly reduced by a good plan of daily stretches. For lower back pain problems, the pain is usually associated with the muscles. These muscles in the lower back serve a very important role in stabilizing and supporting the spinal column. When these muscles become weak and stiff over time, this in turn can lead to painful spasms in the lower back. Stretching exercises are very helpful at improving these muscles in the lower back. Even with acute pain or after surgery stretching helps to rebuild strength. However special care is needed while performing any lower back stretches. Stretching should be done gently, without bouncing. Stretch relatively slowly, to the point of discomfort and just a little bit beyond. If pain occurs while stretching release a little, until pain goes away.

There are many different types of back stretches that can be done to relieve pain in the lower back, the five main ones to concentrate on are:

Knees-up rest - This type of stretch relaxes the muscles in the pelvis, hips and knees which in turn decreases the pressure on the spine.
Knee Raises - This stretching exercise keeps your spine in a protected position, while stretching the muscles in the knees, buttocks,hips and the lower part of the spine.
Straight Leg Raises - One of the most powerful stretching exercises to help strengthen the hamstring muscles. When these muscles become tight, they are inclined to pull the back out of alignment. Many back pain problems can be solved by stretching these muscles groups.
Resting Cobra Pose - This type of stretch helps to align your spine and restore proper posture, it also opens the disc spaces so the spine can breath.
Serpent Pose - This is an excellent exercise to improve the curvature of the spine, it also stretches all the muscles in the lower back without putting any pressure on the spine itself.

Benefits of stretching exercises

If you have stiffness or injury in the lower back
If you recently had any type of surgery on the lower back
If you have a disease condition that results in stiffness
It warms up the muscles before you start any strengthening exercises
It makes the lower muscles looser and more flexible
It may decrease the chances of injury

Thereís nothing mysterious about the stretching process. Any part of the body that you canít completely straighten or completely bend needs to be frequently and repeatedly stretched; a good rule is twice daily. Over months or even weeks, you can often regain motion of that body part. A very important thing we need to realize when performing any lower back stretches is that the muscles are the greatest source of pain, because they are directly connected to the nerves that transmit pain messages to the brain. People often worry about doing harm to their joints by doing to much stretching exercises. The truth is the opposite. Those who stretch regularly have much less disability than those who donít, and in the process the muscles and tissue around the joints become stronger.

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