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How Walking To Lose Weight Can Multiply Your Weight Loss Nine Times More Than Just Dieting

By Joe Stewart

Weight loss is a hot topic these days. It seems as if every other commercial on television has the face of some celebrity promoting the latest, greatest weight loss product or some unknown person showing you their before and after pictures. Unfortunately, there is a reality to weight loss that most people don't want to hear. It takes hard work and a healthy diet to lose weight and it takes time. There is no overnight fix for losing weight.

Many people are now walking to lose weight, along with their diet plan. The combination of exercise and diet together has been proven to work nine times faster than trying to lose weight by doing just one or the other. This makes complete sense because you must burn off 3500 calories in order to lose one pound of fat or take in 3500 pounds to gain one. So by dieting and taking in less calories than you normally would and also walking to lose weight, you'll not only reduce your calorie intake, but you'll also burn calories immediately while walking and it will also increase your metabolism for the rest of the day. You can actually be burning extra calories while you sleep!

If you intend to start walking to lose weight then there a few things you should consider before you begin.

#1. You should always visit your doctor before beginning any type of weight loss or exercise program. You could have a potentially dangerous ailment that you aren't aware of that could be aggravated by exercising.

#2. Start off slowly and walk short distances. Many people overdo it when they start out and end up hurting themselves and then never go back to it because of this. Start off with a half mile for a week and then increase it to a mile. Wait two weeks and then start going a mile and a half. Just gradually step it up as you go.

#3. Make sure that you have a good pair of walking shoes. This is very important because not having good walking shoes can effect both your shins and the arches of your feet. If you start hurting right off the bat then you'll be less likely to continue with your exercise program. Walking shoes are a great investment if you plan to start a walking to lose weight program.

If you are unable to walk or if it does become too difficult because of an injury, you should not give up on your weight loss goals. You can try other things that will help you burn calories, such as swimming. Get with a Nutritionist and also consider joining a gym. There's bound to be something that you can do that will get those unwanted calories off and keep them off for good.

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