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The Secret of Wellness Exposed

By Mary Thayer

The body is an incredible multi-tasking functional creation. It continues to surprise scientists all over again. Just when they think they have figured something out they find out they have just barely scraped the surface. Wellness occurs when our body is balanced or in a more scientific word homeostatic.

Sadly it seems that in today's society less and less people are experiencing the privilege of wellness. If you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper you can see some kind of story about how our country's health is declining faster and faster and at a younger age. It has been reported too many times that my children's generation is predicted to have a shorter life span that mine. That is sad.

The great news is that we don't have to be sad. We have to be armed with information. We have to take action for our own wellness. While most have bought into a society of early detection many have forgotten about early prevention or health promotion. Today's society has become reactive rather than proactive in many different ways.

My daughter's new favorite book is "Too Much Junk Food" written by Stan and Jan Berenstain. (It's funny that both my husband and I loved that book as kids too!) This book covers wellness in the most basic sense. With common sense that has been lost somewhere in time. The book starts with Mama Bear noticing that Brother and Sister Bear were getting chubbier. So being the smart bear that Mama Bear is, she takes ACTION. She takes away all the junk food. What a concept. Can you imagine how great it would be if more parents were as smart as Mama Bear? She then takes her family to the very smart Dr. Grizzly. Dr. Grizzly shows the bear family all the systems in the body and she ends their visit with this statement "I'll do my part to keep you healthy if you'll promise to do your part by eating the right foods." She then tells sister the problem with junk food is that most of them are not very nourishing. So instead of helping build and strengthen our bodies, they just pile up as extra fat. She then reminds them that exercise is very important to be healthy as well.

Hope you enjoyed that brief book review. My purpose in reviewing that is to remind you in your quest for wellness an easy step for you to take is, to eat less junk food and replace it with more nourishing food. For example lots of raw fruits and vegetables for starters. Also, start exercising daily.

It would be great if we could get all the nutrients we needed from a well balanced diet. Besides the fact that most of us do not eat a well balanced diet, our food is over processed and lacking vital nutrients that we need. There are many reasons our food is lacking nutrients. The soils nutrients are deficient, most fruits and vegetables are harvested green so they do not have any taste or the critical nutrients they get from the vine, and of course the use of chemicals to grow them. Our food is lacking in nutrients before it gets over processed which strips the nutritional value even more.

The Good News!

The body has the ability to heal, repair, and correct itself. That is an incredible statement. Can you imagine that if you give your body what it needs, it will repair itself! Wow! Just break a bone once and watch the healing take place. The only thing a doctor can do to help you is to set it back in the right spot. They cannot give you any medicine that will tell your body to heal itself. Your body knows what to do. The problem in our body healing itself lies in the body not receiving adequate nutrients, not enough exercise, and to much stress on it.

Besides the issue of our food lacking nutrients we also have the issue of Too Much Stress. As a society we are busier than ever. Our schedules are overflowing. We also have environmental stress. Toxins in the air, toxins in our water, toxins in our homes, some we don't even know about yet!

Well all this sounds rather morbid that we should just accept sickness into our daily lives. That is not the correct answer. The answer lies in supplementation to our diets with good quality nutrients that our body can utilize. Emphasizing good quality supplements adding to that note food supplements. Supplements that our body recognizes as food and can utilize as food.

There are five major areas we need to support in our body. They are our cells, immune system, endocrine system, fuel supply (vitamins and minerals), and the digestive system.

1. Cell to cell communication. When it comes to our health if we support our cells and have healthy cells that makes healthy tissues= healthy organs=healthy systems=healthy you.

2. Support the immune system. The immune system is constantly being attached in our bodies by free radicals from stress in our lives and from all the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. When we support the immune system with antioxidants it provides much better protection for us.

3. Support the endocrine system. Everyone has hormones, yes even men, and they to have to be supported on a daily basis. The endocrine system keeps our body in check and when the endocrine system is not in check we do not feel good.

4. Put the right fuel in the body: vitamins and minerals. This seems basic because you can buy vitamins and minerals at any old store relatively cheap. It is very important that your vitamin and minerals are in food form and can be absorbed by your body. If they are not in food form our body cannot utilize them. That is why you see products with a gazillion mg of vitamins because our body cannot utilize much of any of the nutrients.

5. Keep the colon clean and healthy. Our colon houses a high percentage of our immune system so we want to keep it functioning at its optimal level.

As you can see if you support all areas of you body you will feel better, look better, and live well. For more information on how to support your body completely please refer to the resource box below.

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