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Resistance Bands Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach

By Paolo Basauri

The use of resistance bands for your stomach exercises routine can be of significant help to get the six packs you want, and to add up to that benefit, there are varied resistance bands exercises to choose from. These resistance bands are made of different intensity levels, and this is determined by their color. (Green being the softest level and red the most difficult level). Anyone can start with a band appropriate to their fitness levels and work their way to more difficult ones.

Choosing a high intensity resistance band to start can easily lead to injury, so please avoid that and also before starting your routine consult with a professional to see if you can perform these type of exercises.

Twisting Roll-Back
- Sit on a flat surface - I suggest you use the floor for this resistance band exercise.
- Sit with legs bent and heels on the floor with your toes pointing to the sky.
- Loop the band around your feet, put one end in each hand and put your hands together.
- With a a rolling motion, lower your torso to the floor about 45 degrees. At the same time, twist to one side and spread your hands to the sides.
- Hold for about a second and slowly go back to the starting point of the exercise, reversing the movement and keeping control of your movements.
- Repeat for a set and work the opposite side.

One-Arm Band Pull
- Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
- Hold the band above your head 18 inches apart.
- With your left hand overhead, bring your right hand out and to the right, elbow bent at about a 90 degree angle.
- Hold your left arm still as you contract your abdominals and lower your right arm until your hand is in line with your chest.
- Hold for some seconds and return to the starting position, repeat an entire set and switch to the other hand.

Seated Crunch
- The seated crunch Works the mid-section of our bodies like the traditional crunch but without the strain on the neck and without lying on the floor. The resistance is provided by the bands.
- Sit on a chair with your back straight (preferably a chair with a straight back) and loop your band on the chair.
- Sit with your pressed on the floor and legs hip-size apart..
- Contract your abdominal, bend forward to a 45 degree angle.
- Repeat for an entire set.

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