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Increase Your Metabolism

By Susan Shelton

Everybody is looking for the magic pill. You know the one. You can eat whatever you want and still look great and be healthy. Unfortunately there is no magic pill. It takes discipline to achieve good health. If you can give it some effort, here are five more tools you can use to rev up your metabolism.

Get moving - 10,000 steps a day (that's roughly five miles) keeps your metabolism running well. Keep in mind that every step you take counts. Walking to the coffee shop to get lunch, walking to and from your car and even the steps you take to get to the bathroom it all adds up over the course of the day. And when those steps add up to 10,000 you win.

Eat your protein - protein is the real stick to your ribs food. You eat it and don't feel hungry ten minutes later. It increases your metabolic rate and decreases your appetite which helps you to lose fat.

Drink water - drink your eight glasses of water at various temperatures throughout the day. Recent studies have indicated that cold water increases your metabolism, hot water helps the body detox and warm room temperature water suppresses appetite. Evidently when you get hydrated at different temperatures you do good things for your body. So wake up to warm, have hot in the afternoons and actually burn calories when watching TV while drinking that cold glass of water.

Drink your tea - green tea, that is. The word is out three cups green tea daily, helps your body burn calories.

Lastly, remember to avoid sugars and processed foods - mainly enriched grains and flours. It does take a little effort, but if you really want it, you can be a leaner more happier you.

Susan Shelton
Change your diet and improve your life

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