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Water - A Necessary Component To Healthful Living

By Heidi Schaden

There is no substitute for water! Water is the essence of life. It is critically important to healthful living. When you consume other beverages (coffee, tea, pop, etc.) it cuts down on your desire for water. Other beverages except herbal teas cannot be considered part of your daily water consumption.

Water contains no calories; it will slightly fill you up but not out.

Our bodies are about 70% water and water is necessary for its proper functioning. Water should be pure without any minerals because our bodies cannot utilize minerals contained in water. The body expels any minerals consumed in water. Raw fruits and vegetables provide the body with the best water available. The next best water is distilled because distilled water is just water with nothing else in it.

Many people believe that you shouldn't consume distilled water because they think distilled water is for irons! Well, the reason distilled water is recommended for use in irons is so that you don't clog the iron with minerals and that is the same principle with your body, minerals in the water clog up the pipes in the human body. We need minerals but our body cannot use minerals found in water. We must get minerals from food.

The amount of water you need varies on what you eat. Water is found in all the foods we eat. Raw fruits and veggies have the highest water content but water is even found in dry foods such as nuts. The more raw fruits and vegetables you consume, the less water you will need to drink. Conversely, them more cooked and processed food you eat, the more water you will need to drink. There are other factors that affect the amount of water you need to drink such as exercise and the temperature outside. Most people don't eat nearly enough raw foods and consequently need to consume a pretty good amount of water everyday.

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