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Go Vegetarian - It's Not As Hard As You Think

By Barry Lovelace

Have you ever considered making the switch to a vegetarian diet? It's undeniable that eating a diet rich in vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes is healthy. It's also undeniable that the fat and cholesterol that comes from animal products is just not good for you. I think it is because of these facts that more and more people are switching or at least considering switching to a vegetarian diet.

It can seem daunting to give up meat since it is such a staple in the typical American diet but it really is not so tough. These days the grocery stores are full of vegetarian foods. The meat substitutes that are available are much improved so if you haven't tried them lately, than you haven't tried them. They can make the transition quite painless and take away the feeling like you are missing something.

Of course many of the daily foods that you already eat are vegetarian anyway, the problem is that we were raised to stick a piece of meat on the plate along with them and that piece of meat has taken up more and more space on our plates for too long. The result is the rampant heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that we see. It doesn't have to be that way.

Vegetarians love their food as much as anyone, they are not upset about it or feel like they are sacrificing or doing without. Quite the opposite in fact, when you eat a vegetarian diet you really appreciate food and the powerful role it can play in your life, it is delicious and it is nutritious; it makes you feel good and it gives you energy.

It is also a big misconception that a vegetarian diet is restrictive. When you really think about it there is only a few kinds of meat; that from cows, pigs, chickens and lamb. On the other hand there are countless grains, vegetables, fruits and beans that can be combined in numerous ways to create fabulous and healthy meals. Many recipes can be converted simply by removing the meat or by removing the meat and adding a meat substitute or beans. Happily, most restaurants offer many vegetarian options on their menus these days so going out to dinner will not be a problem that you have to face either.

Remember also that switching to a vegetarian diet does not have to be accomplished over night. One way to start is to plan a few vegetarian days per week and than you can slowly add another day per week until you get to your goal. This way you can ease yourself into your new way of eating.

So much of what and why we eat is habit and conditioning. The way you eat as you are growing up plays a huge role in the way you eat as an adult. This is why making a change like this can seem overwhelming. It is changing everything you know; it is reprogramming your preconceived notions about food. You may have even been raised to think that you need meat in order to be healthy. We know better now, but that doesn't erase everything that was instilled in us as we were growing up. That is why I think that educating yourself throughout the process is a key to success. Get some vegetarian cookbooks or check out a vegetarian recipe website. Look over some books that discuss factory farming or the health benefits of vegetarian eating. The more you know the more you will be inspired to change the way you eat.

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized personal trainer and fitness professional. He is passionate about helping people live their best life and about being a vegan.

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