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The Best Cardio Workout For You? It Would Be One You Love And Have Interest To Do - No Kidding

By Cecelia Yap

What's your best cardio workout?

Running? Jogging? Swimming? Biking? Dancing? Step aerobics? Rope jumping?

My take is - the exercise or activity you love and have interest to do, is your best cardio workout.....


Because you would look forward to doing it and won't likely miss (or "play truant") and would likely stay put in it long, to achieve your goal- either to lose weight or to maintain good health.

Since you achieve your (exercise) goal, wouldn't you say it's the best cardio workout for you?

Hence, if you love to run, run then.

If you like biking, bike by all means.

Or if you prefer swimming, then swim all you want.

Perhaps you like to walk? Go for it.

As long as you love the exercise and enjoy doing it, it makes all the difference. You've a higher chance of sticking to the cardio program and succeed.

To make it even better, mix your cardios up, to provide varieties so you aren't bored easily.

OK. You got the best cardio in tow.

Now, you would like to know how many calories it burns, right?

Check out below if your best cardio burns the most calories, in a 30-minute session:

If you're well-trained in cardio and want to go for real high intensity one that burns the most calories, I recommend these 2 exercises:

What's all these amount to?

Well, you do the best cardio workout and it burns decent amount of calories.

What's better than this?

Cecelia Yap is an avid exerciser and is the owner of the successful exercise and fitness website: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com

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