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Meditation is Good for your Heart

The main cause of heart attacks in the western world is atherosclerosis. In layman's terms this often called "hardening of the arteries". The main cause of this is plaque, which is mainly made up of fat, cholesterol and calcium. This builds up on the inside of your arteries, hardening with time to narrow your arteries.

Patients in many hospitals in the UK who have suffered a heart attack receive an after care package. Included in the after care package is information on diet, exercise, and stress. The main way they teach you how to manage stress is by including CDs on mediation and relaxation.

The power of meditation has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure by as much as 10 points. Furthermore it is claimed that Transcendental Meditation is the most effective form of meditation.

Many of the other benefits of meditation are less easy to measure but never the less, from the anecdotal evidence, there are many benefits both in health as well as spiritual. Some of these include a higher level of contentment and inner peace, improved creativity, improved concentration and improved immune function.

Meditation is easy to do and all that is necessary is that you set aside 30 minutes a day in some quiet place in your house away from any distractions. To get started go along to your local library and pick up a few books on yoga or meditation. There are also a few good web sites devoted to the topic. The main problem you might encounter is that among the few good sites there are a few sites specifically dedicated to lightening your wallet and furnishing you with little information in return.

Although not essential, before you start off in meditation, you should choose a Mantra. A Mantra is a chant which helps you focus, concentrate and empty the mind. It makes your senses sharper and eases you into a state of deep meditation. An easy way to start is to choose a simple Mantra like the sound "OOOOOOOOOOOOM", repeated over and over.

The next step in meditation is to find a quiet place to sit, where you will be undisturbed. Sit down either on the floor or a chair try to choose a seated position which allows your spine to be almost straight and erect with your pelvis tilted slightly forward. You may also use a cushion, and sit on the edge of the cushion, tilting your pelvis. Allow the tension to be released by relaxing each part of the body in turn starting off with your head and working down to your feet.

Once you are sitting comfortably, close your eyes, breath deeply allow your diaphragm (tummy) to expand as you inhale, and contract as you exhale. As you do this repeat your Mantra out loud. Continue doing this for a few minutes.

Continue mentally repeating your Mantra and try not to force your concentration on your Mantra. It should come easily and without effort. Soon your mind will become empty

To be really effective you should meditate twice a day, once in the morning before breakfast and in the afternoon before dinner.

Peace be with you and happy meditation.

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