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How to Really Lose Weight

It's hard to lose weight today with all of the conveniences. We have fast food, cell phones, cars, and TV. All of these can make life easier but there is a cost.

We don't eat as healthy as we use to. There is not as much physical exercise, because we just don't have to anymore. This can be a health problem. You want to become aware of this and take measures to improve your health.

Why should you be concerned?

Because gaining excess weight can cut down on your lifespan, quality of life and your enjoyment. Overweight can cause the following:

- Hypertension

- Osteoarthritis

- Diabetes

- Heart Disease

- Stroke

- Sleep Apnea

- Cancer

Where do you start?

You can start by looking at the food you eat and your lifestyle.

- How large are your portions?

- How processed is your food?

- What type of food do you eat?

- How many calories do you consume?

- How much exercise do you get?

- Do you sleep enough?

- Do you handle stress well?

- How important is it to you to be healthier?

How can you make it enjoyable?

You could make wholesome home cooked meals that you enjoy. Take up a class like Yoga or Karate. Participate in a sport you enjoy, or go for walks.

You should try to find things that you enjoy and incorporate them into your daily life.

What can help you with your goals?

Start off by deciding what is really important to you and if it is worth your effort to achieve it.

Look forward to the new improved and healthier you that will be worth it.

Think about the benefits you and your family will receive from looking and feeling great.

Decide that you are important and are worth the effort to improve. You put effort into work and other things in life. Aren't you just as important or more?

Basically you need to decide if it's worth the effort to improve yourself and then take action.

Decide to eat healthier, exercise, and look into alternative ideas that can help you reach your goals.

There are foods that can satisfy you without excess calories; these include fresh vegetables like tomatoes.

You can look for quality herbs or supplements that may help, but be sure that they are safe. If in doubt, then consult with your doctor or nutritional advisor.

OK let's start right now, today! Don't say you will start tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.

Need help with your weight loss? Take a look at the 2 Day Diet. http://www.1thinkhealthy.com/2daydiet.html
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