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Female And Male Fitness - What Are the Differences?

By Gary Holdon

Male fitness usually involves working out for the purpose of producing and accentuating body muscles which involve a dynamic exercise routine using exercise equipment. A major component of these routines includes carrying heavy weights with the use of the arms and legs.

On the other hand, female fitness normally involve exercising to either shed, reach or retain their target weight and eventually tone and define their body shape. The workout routine is also dynamic but with a slight difference. The focus for women is to boost their metabolic rate and tone their muscles but not accentuate it by doing exercises that pump up their heart rate like jogging or brisk walking.

Although both forms of fitness routines involve weights, it's the women who use it to tone their arms and legs, which means they should not use weights above 20lbs. For the men who want to develop muscles and tone them, 20lbs and above is advisable.

There is also a difference in dietary requirements between male fitness and female fitness since they have varying purposes. In general men stick with more protein on their diet while women should stay low on the calorie count. Helpful Workout Tips

Although there are distinctions between male fitness and female fitness, there exists some common ground that brings out almost the same outcome. Here are some of them:

Working out is a stress reliever so its best to take advantage of your workout session in order to keep fit, stay healthy and free of stress.

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