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Feeling Hungry?

By John O'Riley

With any weight loss program, whether it be through natural, pharmaceutical, or physical means, one feeling that you are never immune to is hunger. Face it, it is just physiologically impossible to turn off that hunger switch. But are you entirely defenseless against these pangs? Let us hope not. Here are a few suggestions on how to curb that appetite without having to entirely starve yourself in the process.

Before we get down to the details; however, it is imperative that you understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling hungry in the first place. It is not an adversary of any kind. In fact, that feeling is very normal. It is just your body's way of saying that you may be running a little low on available energy and that it may turn to your stores to provide for its needs. Now, isn't that the whole point of dieting anyway - to force your body to turn to its fat stores for energy?

In conjunction to this, we now bring you this menu of food and beverages that have the remarkable gift of leading the body to feel full, while adding seemingly little or no calories at all.

First up is fresh drinking water. As soon as you get that gnawing feeling in your tummy, have a glass of fresh, sparkling water. If you think plain water would not sit too well, try vegetable or chicken broth. Heat a bowl-full and sip it like soup. You will soon find that craving of yours out the door.

Second is to go green - as in salad greens. These contain more fiber than they do calories. You can have them with a low calorie dressing or, if not, stir-fried. There are a lot of low cal dressings on the market right now and they contain as little as 25 calories per spoonful. However, if stir-fried is your thing, then have this done with a combination of spices and soy sauce instead of cooking oil. This would wonders for the flavor as well!

Further down the list are apples. Yes, those juicy, red apples. Choose the largest one from the bunch and start munching away, skin and all, except the core, of course. Apples are a rich source of fiber, which slows digestion down, leaving you feeling full for a longer period.

There are a lot more options to choose from. Nature has its uncanny way of providing us everything that we need. If you know where to look, that is. So, feel free to experiment. You might even end up adding a trick or two to this list!

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